Cuba Wanderer: Traveller's Guide to Cuba, Not a Tourist Guide by Sasha Korniak

Cuba Wanderer book
Cuba Wanderer Book

The Cuba Wanderer is a Traveller's Guide to Cuba, not a tourist guide and it provides fresh alternative to the mainstream guides. It's written for a new kind of "traveller" who is interested in sharing, exchanging and listening rather than consuming and judging, and it encapsulates a philosophy of peace and sustainable development - either economically, environmentally or socially.

"Inspired to write by the Cuban People in Cuba."

This book came about as a result of the British author living in Havana and frustrated at the mainstream guide books, the poor and misleading internet travel blogs, as well as being genuinely disheartened by the defamatory organised smear campaigns against the Cuban people and their achievements. At the time of writing 48% of MPs in the National Assembly of People's Power are held by women. Operation Miracle which performed over one million cataract operations for free across the whole of the Caribbean by Cuban doctors and in 1961 the Literacy Campaign that resulted in eradicating illiteracy in less than a year.

"Cubans think, act, feel, care and work differently to anybody I've met in the world and their "Soft Power", diplomacy and humanitarian internationalism is extraordinary and complex." declares the author Sasha Korniak.

Writing his experiences and knowledge into a guide is not that easy, it is necessary to explain the history so that readers can understand the current situation that exists in context. 

The book covers the recent changes between Cuban and US Relations, The Cuban Five, Pope Francis future visit to Cuba, Cubans' Cultural idiosyncrasies and History, Cafeterias, Paladares & Restaurants, how to find Casa Particulars, Colectivos, Maquinas Taxis, Camións, Exchanging Currency and the Lingo, Advice on Visas and Extending, International Solidarity, Advice for Solo Women Travellers, Riding the "Guagua" Buses, Maps, Havana's Best Nightlife, Museums, Havana University Spanish Language Courses, Transportation, Internet and Email, around the island and some much more.



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