Raining in Havana on the street
Happy in Havana, even when it is raining

When it gets too hot we suspend all activities and head for the air conditioning, lie on the beach or cool off in the sea. So rather than visiting when it’s stifling, it’s best to go to Cuba when it’s warm or hot and certainly not when it’s cold.

While living in Habana in January 2015, I felt it was cold for most of the month and really cold, at 9 degrees Celsius, for about half a week, which was unusual (I was told). 9 degrees Celsius does not sound too bad from the perspective of a person who previously lived in London, but it was still a shock to my system after living in plus 20 degrees Celsius for so long. It affected my fellow Cubans too. On most days in January 2014 and 2015, walking to catch a bus in the early morning for lessons at Habana University, I witnessed the spectacle of Cuban parents ensuring their offspring were suitably dressed for the weather conditions of 10 degrees Celsius, which included scarves, woolly hats and mittens. It was comical to see papas running down the street after their sons or daughters with forgotten scarves or woolly gloves. This is a very serious matter in the eyes of Cuban parents, for it was highly likely that without that warm clothing, their children would freeze to death!

Receiving SMS text messages are free all over the world, so I subscribed to a weather forecast service for Habana, which I also didn’t have to pay for. The data originates from the Met Office back in the UK and I intended to use this to plan my week’s activities, whether horse riding in Park Lenin or going to the beach. However, the technological advancements behind the term “digital forecasts” clearly have a way to go as my experience was that forecasts for the day ahead were okay, while the forecast for the next day and beyond were useless. I would change my plans to go to the beach as thunderstorms were forecast for much of the week and later experience beautiful skies without a cloud in sight.

Best Months to go 

Oct to Dec - Note: December can be rather wet.

Feb to May  - It’s dry and warm, increasing in temperature each month.

After May it is really too hot for many travellers - and Cubans too.

Late August until late September is hurricane season but don’t worry, Cuba is a world leader in public evacuations and many foreign NGOs use the Cuban model.