On top of Havana
On top of Havana

 El Diablo, Tun Tuń.

Looking for a local place to head to on a Thursday or Saturday night in Habana? Then go to what locals know as El Diablo Tun Tuń, and what tourists know as the Piano Bar. Oh wait, no, tourists don’t come here!

FAC Fábrica de Arte Cubano 

Fábrica de Arte Cubano (F.A.C) holds a very special place in my heart. I love this venue and spend at least one night a week here. Why? Because there is nowhere else like it, whether that’s in London, New York, Rome or Paris. Maybe, just maybe, Berlin could compete but that would be a stretch, a shot in the dark. It’s located at the west end of Vedado before crossing the river into Miramar, but don’t let that deter you from checking this place out. Not yet a tourist attraction, it offers the real deal authentic contemporary Cuban cultural scene.

Espacios - El Espacio

Situated in Miramar in the vicinity of F.A.C & El Diablo Tun Tuń. Espacios inserted itself into Havana’s social scene a few years ago now, back then it was only Cubans or Spanish speakers who knew about the space (el espacios).

Bertold Brecht 

Don't’ tell anyone ! 

If you are looking for traditional Cuba, a little salsa or maybe Buena Vista Social Club, then look elsewhere, this is not going to be your place. Otherwise head right down on Wednesdays and the rest of the week too!


Around the corner from the Swiss Embassy and just off 5ta Avendia (fifth Avenue) we have TaBARish a contemporary Soviet Bar with historic memorabilia. 

Up & Down

Up & Down is so packed on the weekends, I never understand why!


I have visited this venue a few times and always had a strange feeling that something wasn't quite right but was not sure what, until my last visit. Located in Playa, Havana.....

Sloppy Joe’s Bar

On the corner of Calle Animas and Zulueta in Havana Vieja. Sloppy Joe’s welcomed tourists for decades and offered over 80 different cocktails, before a disappearing American clientele and a  fire in the 1960s finally finished it off. It reopened in 2013 after being closed maybe for 48 years.

Submarino Amerillo (Yellow Submarine) Club

Even though the Beatles never visited Cuba, beatle mania is still huge in Cuba today. John, Paul, George and Ringo would be astounded at how much Cubans love their music.


Apparently 1830 is a restaurant but I only found out a few months ago I’ve eaten very good food at this superb elegant colonial house with excellent service. Worth visiting and dinning there but really I go for the salsa at night!


Waking up slowly, listening to the end of a karaoke song and the start of a drag performance, now I’m awake, where I am ? In Humbolt #52 between Hospital and Infanta, central havana / Vedado.

Las Vegas

Discovered walking down Infanta between Calle 25 y 27 Vedado near to La rampa. A well established venue with most accomplished drag acts I was told. 



Pope Francis in Cuba