Don't’ tell anyone!

If you are looking for traditional Cuba, a little salsa or maybe Buena Vista Social Club, then look elsewhere, this is not going to be your place. Otherwise, head down on Wednesdays and the rest of the week too!

I guess that this place is named after the German playwright, poet and theatre director, Bertolt Brecht. It is a cultural venue for everybody, young and old, and it attracts the best up-and-coming Cuban musicians and theatre productions.

It’s maybe the second coolest nightspot now (after the opening of F.A.C) and though a main theatre takes up most of the space in the building, the place to be is the basement Café theatre. “No se lo a nadie" or Café Brecht, happens Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. There’s no real dance floor, though moving to the music is obligatory - not just here but anywhere in Cuba!

I’ve experienced very different energy and crowds here, and have seen some of the most beautiful people I’ve ever laid eyes on (male and female). At times it felt that being beautiful was a prerequisite for entry.

Calle 13 No.259, between Calles I and J, Vedado.

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