Even though the Beatles never visited Cuba, Beatlemania is still huge in Cuba today. John, Paul, George and Ringo would be astounded at how much Cubans love their music.

The Submarino Amarillo is on the corner of John Lennon Park in the heart of Vedado on Calle 17 y Calle 6. It opened in 2011 and is often very crowded with nightly shows from around 10pm. Arrive early for a table or it will be standing room only. The cover price is around 50CUP for locals, so maybe $2 - $5 CUC, depending on the band. Get the deal from the menu, a bottle of rum, four TuKolas (Colas) and ice for less than $10CUC, but always upgrade to dark rum (Añejo Especial) - you will thank me in the morning. Alternatively, try the club’s special drink, Submarino Amarillo.

My preference for going is on Friday’s after I’ve been “working like a dog”.

John Lennon Park

Calle 17 Y 6



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