Waking up slowly, I can hear the end of a karaoke song and the start of a drag performance. Now I’m awake. Where am I? In Humboldt #52 between Hospital and Infanta, Central Habana / Vedado. 

Regardless of your sexual orientation, this place has a welcoming vibe, a relaxed setting and a great dance floor for salsa.

Like most gay bars in the world, there is a disco ball and my friend returns from mistakenly entering the ‘back room”!

There’s seating aplenty and big TV screens show music videos, making this a fun place for a night out. I’m somehow reminded about a distant memory of dancing in G.A.Y in London to Glee Cast’s Don’t Stop Believin’ and being asked to desist as dancers don’t mix with the clientele, there should be nobody dancing better than clientele, its just unfair. Hey this is just how I roll.

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