I spent around 4 months reviewing and selecting these items for my personal use in Cuba. Over a year later I have no regrets.

1. Pacsafe TravelSafe 100 Secure Portable Safe

This is brilliant for Cuba and backpackers. The Pacsafe Travel Safe is an anti-theft travel safe, with an exomesh ultimate complete lock and leave system that’s slash-proof, snatch-proof and tamperproof. It’s designed to stop opportunist theft, and it works! I have had this Pacsafe since 2013 and have used it all over Cuba and the world! It protects belongings that you don't need to carry around. It can hold a volume (approx) of 2.5L/153 inch cubed, weighs 300g-11oz, including the padlock, and its dimensions are 20x35x 1.3cm. See this as a long-term investment. See: http://ow.ly/ROWRU

2. Water Filter bottle

ECO Stainless Pure water filter bottle, 1600 litres

Either buy bottled water every day, which adds an extra $2-$5 to your daily budget, or save money and the environment by buying a bottle with an internal filter.

It works by mouth suction, processing water through a specialised filter that removes waterborne pathogens and reduces chemicals from any fresh water source. I have used waters from taps in Hotel, Casa Particulars, lakes and rivers around Cuba with no issues. 

See: http://ow.ly/ROWTY  

3. Ultra light towels

Lightload Towels pack so small that it’s pretty amazing when you see the actual size. My advice is to buy the 90x150cm sized ones.

See: http://ow.ly/ROWVg 

4. Deodorant

The Crystal Deodorant Stick will last months!

See: http://ow.ly/RP8qK

5. Electrolytes, glucose and those minerals!

Sometimes water is not all we need for rehydration, we need other stuff too.  These are helpful when you are not used to the environment. See: http://ow.ly/RP8qK

6. SunScreen

Apply P20 once in the morning and that’s it, you are protected for up to 10 hours. I’m extremely pale and until I found Riemann P20 I would burn in around 8 minutes. See: http://ow.ly/RP8tM  

7. Cuba Wanderer Guide Book

 Cuba Wanderer Guide Book is a Traveller’s Guide to Cuba, not a tourist guide and it provides fresh alternative to the mainstream guides. It’s written for a new kind of “traveller”.

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