The Interreligious Foundation for Community Organisation (IFCO) - also known as the Pastors for Peace for short - has been working to bring an end to the US blockade of Cuba and has provided humanitarian aid to the Cuban people through Friendship Caravans, construction brigades and educational delegations. 

The organisation travels through the US and Canada on prearranged visits to cities and communities participating in public events about the reality of life in Cuba.

The caravans or vehicles are normally brightly painted school buses that I have seen on the streets of Habana. But you won’t just see the pastors in school buses, they also use trucks, ambulances, mobile libraries and cars, which are all packed with life-saving humanitarian aid donated by the people of Canada, Mexico and the US for the people of Cuba.

In 2015, ICFO sent its 26th caravan to Cuba. The first ever trip  took place in November 1992, when 15 tons of simple humanitarian aid was carried by 100 “caravanistas”. Items such as powdered milk, medicines, bibles, bicycles and school supplies were transported. The US government had never witnessed a direct grassroots movement against the blockade and ICFO reported that it responded with force. US treasury officers were filmed by CNN cameramen assaulting a Catholic priest who was carrying bibles to take to Cuba. This prompted thousands of calls to Washington and the caravan was allowed to cross the border. Reverend Walker, founder of IFCO/Pastors for Peace, has said, “We act not just in defiance of our government, but in obedience to our conscience.”

The ICFO is a great resource for information on Cuba from a progressive point of view. 

For more information see their web site

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Listen here to a doctor trained in Cuba..........................speaking at an IFCO event. 

Dr Joanna Souers

Internationalist doctor trained in Cuba talks about the scholarships offered by Cuba.

Posted by IFCO/Pastors for Peace on Tuesday, 14 July 2015

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