Every other day I use the local public bus services in Habana. In Cuba, the “buses” are called gauguas, pronounced “wawa" - like the sound a baby makes when it cries! As we are travellers and not tourists we do not need to use the Habana Tour Bus!

There are 17 main lines or routes, all with a P preceding the number from 1 to 16, and one P-C. There is a fleet of “MetroBus” buses covering Habana and surrounding areas with frequent gauguas about every 10 minutes in peak hours. In the past buses were commonly known as “camellos or camelitos” - that’s Cuban Spanish for camels or little camels. This was because the buses had two humps. Most of these have now been replaced with modern Chinese manufactured buses called Yutong.

It costs everybody $1 National Peso (CUP) to go anywhere. Normally, due to the size of our groups, and with new travellers tagging along, using Maquinas/Colectivos is not practical. Groups of us have travelled all over the city to places like the Hemingway Museum, Club-1830, El Morro over the bay, Fábrica de Arte Cubano, Coppelia, La Rampa and even all the way to the beach and Parque Lenin. This is a brilliant way to explore and experience Habana.


Riding the Guagua after Club-1830

After dancing the night away head over to Calle Linea and catch the bus. Club-1830 closes around midnight and there is normally a bus at around 12.15.

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