Looking for a local place to head to on a Thursday or Saturday night in Habana? Then go to what locals know as El Diablo Tun Tuń, and what tourists know as the Piano Bar. Oh wait, no, tourists don’t come here!


Saturday night is live rock music and the crowd is young, highly educated, bright and very happy. Music in Cuba is not defined by the age of those listening but by the quality of what is being played. Remember, all Cuban ears have perfect pitch registers built-in, therefore only the best music and voices are recognised, appreciated and played. Cubans instinctively only listen to the best music.

Musical genres move from Katrina and the Waves, to Rage Against The Machine and then to Metallica. Our own conceptual understanding of music may limit us, but not Cubans. Now I’m dancing to Jive Bunny with a room full of 20-somethings who not only think they are cool or hip by jiving and doing the twist, they are too, as they can really jive better than people in the 1950s - it is frustrating how good they are. The crowd is so energetic, so positive, so completely captivated and so in the control of the rock band gods playing. In El Diablo there are no limits on music, it’s only you that holds back.

Avenue 35 between Calle 20 y 22, Miramar, Habana, Cuba 

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