12 Helpful Things to know Before You GO!



1. What to expect when  Arriving at José Martí International Airport

2. How would you like to get from the Jośe Martí airport to downtown Havana, PreBooked, Pre-Arranged, Chartered Shuttle Buses and Coaches, Taxi to Havana, By Local Bus or Rent A Car, the choice is yours. Getting to Havana

3. In one word, No, Cuba is not a dangerous country. 

4. Record your Consulates and Embassies on your phone, now!

5. Cuba's Tourist information offices are all called Infotur.  Infotur - Can be the best place for info, if you try ! 

Tourist Information Offices

6. The electricity supply is a interesting mix of 110v/60Hz, 220V and maybe something in between.


7. Where to get Maps?


8. It is traditional in Cuba to get tasks or errands done early in the morning when it is cooler, therefore you need to rise early with the sun.

Business Hours, Trading times and National Holidays

9. Exchange your Money

My best advice is to change your money when you arrive at the airport, I understand some of us maybe tired from long flights, but trust me. There are Cadeca (Casa de Cambio) at the airports when you arrive.

10. Although “times are a changing” in relation to Credit, Debit Cards from USA international banks, Cash is king. US bank cards will not work in Cuba.

Credit cards & Debit cards and ATMs

11. No more tax on departure.

Changes in the Departure Tax $25CUC

12. Emergency services

Important Numbers, Places, for Emergencies


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