Espacios - El Espacio

This venue is situated in Miramar, in the vicinity of F.A.C and El Diablo Tun Tuń. Espacio inserted itself into Habana’s social scene a few years ago, and then it was only Cubans or Spanish speakers who knew about it. It was a venue for friends and artists, but now celebrities are spotted there too, mainly pretending to be part of the local scene only to fly away the next day. Where F.A.C and Diablo have no pretension, this place has oodles, mainly from the staff. 

Until recently I had only ever visited Espacio late at night, or should I say in the early hours of the morning. There are multiple non-contrasting rooms where you instinctively tune into the vibe and wonderful food, which is expensive for Habana, but similar to Europe.

The outside look is so different to the inside. Set in a big mansion and a tranquil garden bar, it has not changed much over the years and it shows how good Habana can be. It’s just a shame that more Cubans don’t get to experience it. Wandering into the kitchen by mistake, I spent some time with the chef who seems to be influenced by cuisines from Japan, India, Spain and Peru. I spent the next hour in the kitchen tasting and experiencing great food by brilliant people who can cook and know about cuisine.

Calle 10 #513

entre Calles 5 y 7

Miramar, Playa, La Habana, Cuba

Open from noon (which means 15:00 in Cuban) to 06:00am.

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