Did you know?

Cuba possesses one of the best health care systems anywhere in the world and the typical life expectancy is equal to any other progressive nation.

The First Country

The World Health Organisation (WHO) is set to confirm that Cuba will shortly be the first country in the world to have eliminated entirely Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI) from mother to child.

What's revealed?

A report from Unesco has revealed that Cuba spends 13 per cent of its GDP on education, the highest rate in Latin America. Only a third of nations worldwide achieved Unesco targets. 

Find below the top frequently asked questions as by travellers when I am talking about Cuba Pope Francis 

  • When is Pope Francis visiting Cuba? +

    Mass will be held in three different cities, Havana, Holguin & Santiago de Cuba between Sept. 19 and 22. Read More
  • Is Fidel still alive ? +

    Yes, this last time Fidel was seen in Public was 5th July 2015 at at a meeting with cheese experts near the capital, Havana. Read More
  • Pastors for Peace - NGO +

    Interreligious Foundation for Community Organisation (IFCO) also known as the Pastors for Peace for short, has been working to bring an end US block aid against Cuba in the form of economic & humanitarian sanctions has provided humanitarian aid to the Cuban people through Friendship Caravans, construction brigades and educational delegations. Read More
  • Departure Tax +

    This is great news, for all bookings made from March 1, 2015 onwards, so any returns from Cuba as of May 1, 2015, the departure tax of $25 CUC previously paid by the passenger will now be included in the price of the airline ticket. So now use your $25CUC
  • Arriving at Jośe Martí International Airport? +

    Advice on navigating Jośe Martí International Airport, Immigration, USA Passport Holders, Customer Regulations, Arrival Hall, Top Tip and better news about the Departure Tax Read More
  • About Aeropuerto Internacional Jośe Martí +

    Aeropuerto Internacional Jośe Martí contains four passenger terminals and a cargo terminal, most travellers only need to know about Terminal 3 - the International Terminal. To the best of my knowledge there are no bus services between the terminals. Read More
  • When to Go weather wise +

    When it gets too hot we stop the activities and all head for the air conditioning, lie on the beach or cool off in the sea. So we want it to be warm or hot but not stifling hot and certainly not cold. So when is the best time to go. Read More
  • Getting to Havana +

    How would you like to get from the Jośe Martí airport to downtown Havana, PreBooked, Pre-Arranged, Chartered Shuttle Buses and Coaches, Taxi to Havana, By Local Bus or Rent A Car, the choice is yours. Read More
  • Isn't Cuba a dangerous country? +

    In one word, No, Cuba is not a dangerous country. For us in Cuba this question is so funny, ask people when you are there and see them smile………………………………… Read More
  • What’s the CADECA - Casa de Cambio ? +

    The Cadeca is the Cuban Government official money or Currency exchange house. Read More
  • Denominations And Lingo Currency - Cash - Money +

    The country has two currencies, which is fascinating for a few days, the Cuban Peso - CUP - National Peso and the Cuban Convertible peso CUC or better known as the kook Read More
  • Credit card & Debit cards and ATMs +

    Although “times are a changing” in relation to Credit, Debit Cards from USA international banks, Cash is king. USA Cards will not working in Cuba. Read More
  • Tourist Information Offices +

    Cuba's Tourist information offices are all called Infotur. Read More
  • Important Numbers, Places and Emergencies +

    Medical Emergency 106 Police 113 Fire 105 Help and assistance is available in Cuba, if you about it! It amazes me on people that don’t know about Asistur. Read More
  • Consulates and Embassies +

    Lists of most Embassies Read More
  • What's the electricity voltage in Cuba? +

    The electricity supply is a interesting mix of 110v/60Hz, 220V and maybe something in between. Read More
  • Visa, Extensions & Extending your Visa +

    Read More
  • Want to know about the changes Between Cuban and USA Relations +

    On the morning of Wednesday 17th December 2014, I was attending lessons at Havana University when my mobile telephone vibrated with a text message, I ignored it and continued listening to the lesson Read More
  • The United States Blockade of Cuba and not a Embargo +

    To understand the different between a Blockade vs Embargo Read More
  • Business Hours, Trading times and National Holidays +

    It traditional in Cuba get tasks or objectives done early in the morning when it cooler, therefore your needs to raise with the Cubans the the sun. Read More
  • Colectivo, Maquina, Taxi! +

    Read More
  • Best Night life in Havana +

    Night Life in Havana Read More
  • Getting out Havana +

    Easier say than done, but you have more options that you thought Read More
  • Medical Tourism +

    Medical Tourism has been around in Cuba for a long time from my understanding, back in 2006, so nearly decade over a 1,000 patients from over 85 countries, including Canada, United States, Mexico, Spain and England were admitted at Cira García Central Clinic for treatment. Read More
  • Women Travellers +

    Many people have asked me, why do you like Cuba? Read More
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